Writer, Communicator & Educator

I’m Olive Heffernan, a science journalist. I love my work, especially writing about climate change and the ocean. It gives me a chance to communicate with people who share my passion for science, to be creative with words, to inform and inspire my readers, and to constantly learn more about this small, fragile planet we call home.

Olive Heffernan

I am a freelance science journalist with over 15 years’ experience as a reporter and an editor. I originally trained and worked as a marine biologist and fisheries scientist. These days, I cover ocean science and climate change for a variety of publications, and my work has appeared in Nature, WIRED, National Geographic, Scientific American, New Scientist, BBC Wildlife, Salon, and China Dialogue, among other outlets. Before going freelance, I was an editor with Nature in London for five years, first covering climate change online, before becoming chief editor of the pioneering research journal Nature Climate Change. I also teach a course on communicating climate change at Johns Hopkins University.

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I am currently writing my first book about the high seas – that half of our planet that is ocean belonging to no one – for Profile Books UK and for Greystone Books North America… Learn more >>